Satin Mask (reusable) - 20 CHF donation


Our DIY mask sets were sold out in a few days. We've received many requests for finished masks. 

Please carefully read the additional information on payment, shipping, returns and washing instructions.


You can adjust your size by tying the mask around your ears.


Outer Layer:

100% Silk


Inner Layer:

100% Cotton


Due to limited stock, we only produced made-to-order from now. Only donation mask is available. Thanks for your understanding!  

  • 35 CHF - not all are healthy! We want to help the tiniest members of society. Thus, if you choose to pay 35 CHF for your mask, 20 CHF will be donated to the Kinderspital Zürich (Kispi). The proceeds help sick kids who don't have sufficient healthcare coverage, invests in research dedicated to diseases common with kids, and specific medical devices only kids need. Find out more (in German): 


As long as stock lasts. We produce continuously, however, please note that it might take 1-2 weeks for your masks arrive.


If you know how to use a sewing machine, we recommend to sew your own mask as there is currently not enough stock. You can still order your DIY mask set or if you have the material, just download the pattern



  • About the mask

    Kindly note: These are non-medical masks for daily use - to protect yourself and others.  

    You can insert a kitchen paper towl in your mask. The Hong Kong University proved in an experiment that a common kitchen paper towel adds a remarkable amount of protection and absorption level (+23%). By inserting a kitchen paper towel, it not only increases protection and but also keeps the mask reusable as the filter can easily be discarded after use. Most importantly, stay at home and stay safe!

  • About your donation

    At the Children's Hospital of Zurich, sick and injured children are in the best of hands. They benefit from innovative therapies and holistic treatments. These are only possible thanks to generous people like you.

    Due to the corona virus, the Children's Hospital of Zurich is facing an exceptional situation. The doctors and nurses are going the extra mile. Even under the difficult conditions, they offer the best possible treatment to seriously ill and injured children. Day and night, they are at their side and accompany their parents carefully through the turbulent times.

    However, these children need more than the best medical care in order to get well again. They need the love and closeness of their parents, professional psychological support, offers such as art therapy, hospital school and clowns. With your donation, the Children's Hospital can offer this holistic care and thus improve the chances of recovery for their young patients.

    Thank you for supporting the Children's Hospital in the current situation.


  • How to wash your mask

    Wash your mask after each use!

    • Hand-wash with lukewarm water - just as you wash your hands! Soap/detergent is sufficient to help kill coronaviruses.
    • Iron at lowest temperature only if needed
  • Shipping & Returns

    Please note that we produce masks on demand. Thus, it may take 1-2 weeks to receive your mask. We will notify you on the expected delivery time upon your order.

    Please contact us first if you have any query about the mask upon receipt - we can find a solution together. Thanks for your cooperation. 

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