Reusable DIY Mask Package
  • Reusable DIY Mask Package


    We’d like to keep you and others safe, and make a reusable DIY mask available for you. The Hong Kong University did a great experiment where they proved that a common kitchen paper towel added a remarkable amount of protection and absorption level (+23%). We decided to double up on our cotton blend t-shirt by creating a pouch where we could insert a filter. By inserting our kitchen paper towel, it not only increases protection and but also keeps the mask reusable as the filter can easily be discarded after use.
    Stay at home and stay safe!


    The reusable DIY mask package includes:


    Mask Pattern (adult & child) 

    Fabric (cotton blended, breathable; recycled cotton from previous collection, boil washed)

    Set of stretch band




    *Note that Fabric is from our left-over stock of collection, it can vary due to the amount of available stock!


    We ask for CHF 9 to cover the delivery fee (A post Switzerland, B post abroad). As long as stock lasts. 


    Follow the steps as pictured. If you have any questions in how to make the mask, please contact us. You can also download pattern here


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