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ED. 4.5 RUST AND FLOWER (녹슨 꽃)

During lockdowns, caused by a global pandemic, time seems to stand still as the world becomes a quieter place, our senses are enhanced, and our feelings stronger, sharper and more acute. Time spent alone provides a moment to appreciate the little things like the sunshine. To look at things that were just passing you by. We start to find beauty in the smallest of things – we learn to create out of waste, a flower is born from rust.

NINA YUUN’s Edition 04.5 “Rust and Flower” is a compact capsule collection. Having decided to create a single collection a year, in keeping with the brand’s sustainable approach, these x.5 editions will consist of more accessible pieces as a bridge to the next season.


"Rust and Flower is the name given to the collection presented by Nina Yuun: a celebration of the small things in life that have been the focus of this long and difficult lockdown period. The looks are relaxed in silhouettes reminiscent of the East yet in a more cosmopolitan and decidedly conceptual version. Wide trousers are paired with shirts with a half zip fastening, almost in the form of an anorak, in shades of beige and sugar paper. Suits, on the other hand, are proposed with one-button box-cut jackets and wide Bermuda shorts with side slits or, in a version decidedly more linked to the Korean roots of the designer, with a loose-fitting, shawl collar jacket and soft trousers with an asymmetrical panel."

- Vogue Italy


Vivian Stucki



Ella,Nina (Scout)

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