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ED.04 BADA, SEA, MEER (나의 바다)

NINA YUUN’s fourth edition collection, “Bada. Sea. Meer.” is an unprecedented move towards creating more sustainable haute couture.

The innovative concept behind the collection explores the possibilities of creating a timeless, sustainable wardrobe for women who embody the qualities of kindness, tenderness, strength and independence.


The name of the collection is inspired by Nina’s personal experience of being a mother to her infant son, Bada, which means “sea” in Korean.

For Nina, the sea has philosophical meaning and this body of water is much like a living being: small waves gently caress the shoreline, while big, choppy waves rage during storms. Thus, the sea can be seen not only as a source of inspiration but also a metaphor for her own being: strong yet fragile, independent yet connected.

Photography: Michael Blaser

Location: Franz Gertsch Museum, Burgdorf

Model: Lea, Visage International Mgmt Zurich


Nina Maria Glahe


Christine Lam


Lake Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains

Supported by

Raphael Kunz, Besime Sasivari

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