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NINA YUUN offers timeless, laid-back elegance that is cosmopolitan, equivalent to a modular home for the soul. Inspired by people around her, she deconstructs the Swiss precision and mixes it with the artisanal techniques and beauty of Incompleteness of Korea under the Zero-waste principle.

Before transferring her creative life to Switzerland, the international designer Nina Yuun was born in New Jersey and grew up in Seoul. An art school graduate, Yuun maintains an enduring passion for colours, shapes, and materials, and she transposes her personality and international perspective into unique designs.


Since its debut show in 2018, NINA YUUN has been receiving love from the Swiss fashion market and enthusiasts, already tapping into each region's best retail points.


 The FW19 collection 'Swirl: The Myth of Authority' received a grant from Switzerland's Arts Council Pro Helvetia. Right after in 2019, NINA YUUN was nominated by the Design Prize Switzerland.

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"Nina Yuun was in a class of her own: fresh, subtle, and wearable, while also distinctive and modern. This kind of fashion – beautiful fabrics, exciting shapes, thoughtful details, and subtle colours – is ideal on the hanger (for everyday wear) and Instagram. She has achieved the impossible. These are the clothes you want to buy, wear, and show off online"

- Jeroen van Rooijen, style critique

"Eternally inspired by her Korean-Swiss heritage, Nina Yuun creates subtle, clean and unmistakably modern womenswear. Debuting at Mode Suisse in 2018, this year’s collection reflects the label’s evolution with precise craftsmanship and elegant details."

- Indie Mag

"Nina Yuun’s dresses come across as fluffy as freshly whipped cream. The sort you love to slather on your cake, ice creme or best, as topping on your coffee. After all, Yuun’s designs pair minimalism with intricacy, a combination which lends the Swiss fashion scene its spice."

- FACES Magazine

NINA YUUN  "impresses with light and expansive designs featuring warm, earthy shades. (...) No superfluous appliques here, closures rather consist of imaginatively placed, individual buttons or loops. The entire presentation radiates a calm, Jil Sanders-like elegance, seemingly long forgotten when given all the hype about street and workwear, ever so prevalent over the last few years."


NINAYUUN Press Clipping 2018-Current (Update File)_A4_Print_Seite_1.jpg
NINAYUUN Press Clipping 2018-Current (Update File)_A4_Print_Seite_2.jpg
NINAYUUN Press Clipping 2018-Current (Update File)_A4_Print_Seite_3.jpg
NINAYUUN Press Clipping 2018-Current (Update File)_A4_Print_Seite_5.jpg
NINAYUUN Press Clipping 2018-Current (Update File)_A4_Print_Seite_6.jpg
NINAYUUN ED04 BADA Mode Suisse 18 Press_
NINAYUUN ED04 BADA Mode Suisse 18 Press_
NINAYUUN ED04 BADA Mode Suisse 18 Press_
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