Edition #04 BADA, SEA, MEER

NINA YUUN’s fourth edition collection, “Bada. Sea. Meer.” is an unprecedented move towards creating more sustainable haute couture.

The innovative concept behind the collection explores the possibilities of creating a timeless, sustainable wardrobe for women who embody the qualities of kindness, tenderness, strength and independence.


The name of the collection is inspired by Nina’s personal experience of being a mother to her infant son, Bada, which means “sea” in Korean.

For Nina, the sea has philosophical meaning and this body of water is much like a living being: small waves gently caress the shoreline, while big, choppy waves rage during storms. Thus, the sea can be seen not only as a source of inspiration but also a metaphor for her own being: strong yet fragile, independent yet connected.

Photography: Michael Blaser

Location: Franz Gertsch Museum, Burgdorf

Model: Lea, Visage International Mgmt Zurich


Nina Maria Glahe


Christine Lam


Lake Neuchâtel, Yverdon-les-Bains

Supported by

Raphael Kunz, Besime Sasivari